Our Story Begins

Liquid is gaining controversial interest amongst the populous, and new small scattered batches of concentrated liquid are being discovered.

Süz begins Project Greenlight: With new sources of Liquid to experiment with, Süz begins tapping into its more “inspirational” properties in works of art. Her goal, to make something beautiful out of the ugliness that came before. She inspires many to advance her endeavor, using liquid to paint the Grand Sierra Region wherever they can with murals, tags, and slogans.

S.N.U.G. announces their prophecy: S.N.U.G. declares that they will do whatever it takes to protect Liquid from the unenlightened. Quench prophesizes that there is a yet to be discovered haven. A land of where Liquid flows freely, in the waterfalls, in the rivers, in the fountains. A land where every DewDrop can never go thirsty again. They begin building a network of sanctuaries out of the remains of warehouses, all hoarding Liquid.

The Crushpuppies are formed: Alarmed at the new discovery of scattered sources of Liquid, Zero is reminded about the terrible secrets that he found in his family’s library and the incident with Sam (now Quench). He fears the true power of Liquid and sees the seeds of the fallen regime taking root again. He begins gathering people forming the CrushPuppies, a group dedicated to the restoration of society without the use of Liquid and the memories of the past.


The rumblings begin

The Crushpuppies diligently continue their work. They erase the creations of the original rebels, the ghost of the old regime and any traces of Liquid. Not even the new works created by Project Greenlight are spared in their wake.

Süz and Project Greenlight are furious over how the Crushpuppies are indiscriminately removing their art from the world and S.N.U.G.’s hoarding of Liquid. They decree that they are the only ones who can be trusted with such a powerful tool. They redouble their efforts, painting the landscape with their message.

S.N.U.G. declares Liquid to be sacred. Quench goes on to condemn Project Greenlight’s blatant misuse of liquid as paint to be blasphemy and considers the CrushPuppies’ destruction of Liquid as the ultimate unforgivable act. They set out to correct the mistakes of the unenlightened by converting as many blind souls as possible. They refine their process for converting followers from non-believers by feeding Liquid to the blind “willingly”.

Amongst every faction, traitors lurk in the shadows.

Conflict ensues between the factions over the remaining Liquid.

Late 2036

The Conflict Begins

The largest batch of Liquid ever is discovered.

All the factions are preparing to retrieve what each say is rightfully theirs. They prepare their followers for the conflict to come. Quench vows to lead his collective to the promised land. Süz is determined to use this to bring about a brighter future for everyone. Zero proclaims this to be the last crush.



Tiberius T. Skunk compiles a history of the Grand Sierra Region.

This timeline is argued over by Süz, Zero, Quench.

Little is left of this world, only one question remains.
Where are you going to leave your mark.

Full Timeline

Part 0...Diary of Chai Atkinson