The Grand.

The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is your destination for a wonderful convention experience. Come stay in the luxurious rooms and enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding beautiful mountains.

Reno con is best con for not having to wait ages for elevators. And best for most other things, too!


The Grand.

The spacious Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is the main convention hotel. It will be hosting BLFC 2015 in the Spa Level (one floor below the casino level).

Grand Sierra Resort
2500 East 2nd Street
Reno, NV 89595

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For suites or connected rooms, or if you're bringing a pet, or you just want to book by phone, call 800-648-5080 and use booking code FURCN.
Everything Else: 800-501-2651

Offsite hotel.

The GSR block is closed, but a nearby alternative is available, which is a 12-minute walk away (if you've been here before, that's the same distance as the Wal-mart).

They are not an official overflow, and we do not have a group code or discount rate there. We also don't know how they feel about fursuits in their lobby, but there's little reason to wear one there anyway.

The Baymont Inn and Suites and the Lexington Inn and Suites show that hotel rooms are available, and at very reasonable prices. Both hotels even offer free breakfast!

If you have a fursuit, please try to find a friend staying at the GSR and ask them to get an extra room key so you can store and dry your suit in their room; that will make things much easier for you. We will attempt to have a fursuit storage service available at con-ops, but it would be more convenient for you to store your suit in a friend's room.


For the GSR, the only remaining way to book a room is by phone or directly on their website. Rooms will be at the full weekend rate; no more discounted rooms are available. The GSR is nearly sold out.

You may also want to consider checking the #BLFCShare hashtag on Twitter to see if someone is offering room space you can share, or to ask for room space.

To book by phone:

  • You must book by phone if you are bringing a pet, or if you want a large suite.
  • Dial 800-648-5080.
  • Tell the operator you want to book under booking code FURCN.
  • The GSR has some excellent suites available to rent, and our booking code may get you a discount on these suites.

To book an RV space instead of a hotel room:

  • Dial 800-258-7366.
  • Tell the operator you want to book under booking code FURCN.
  • The RV park may offer a discount for our event. Try asking.

To book a suite:

  • Dial 800-648-5080.
  • Tell the operator you want to book under booking code FURCN.
  • Suite prices vary, but they are typically discounted about 25%.

If you have a friend staying off-site who has a fursuit, please help them out by getting an extra key for your room so your friend can store and dry their fursuit in your room. The Grand Sierra has confirmed that guests can get more than 4 keys for a room for this purpose.

If you decide to cancel your room at the GSR, it will not go back into the block for someone else to book. Before you cancel, please try to find someone else to take over your reservation, using the #BLFCShare hashtag on Twitter or whatever other means you like.


Noisy Block.

The "Noisy block" will be available again this year, with the goal of providing a space where noise is more tolerable. It is still not a guarantee against noise complaints, it just reduces the chances.

To help the noisy block succeed, we also need volunteers to be in a "buffer block" around it. Buffer block volunteers are people who can sleep through noisy neighbors, but don't make much noise themselves. They protect our noisy block from the rest of the hotel, and are vital to making the noisy block a reality.

The number of noisy block rooms made available will depend on the number of buffer block volunteers we get, so please volunteer to be in the buffer block!

To ask for a noisy block room, or to volunteer to be in a buffer room, do not ask the hotel directly; please request it in our registration system. "Noisy Block" assignments will be done in order of paid convention registrations, so the earlier you pay for pre-reg, the higher on the list your request will be.

Confirmation of "noisy block" status will come much later (only shortly before the convention).


I have to pay extra for 3 or 4 people?
What gives?
This hotel has a tiered pricing structure. The 4-person price is similar to other conventions, and the 2-person price is cheaper.
Since the 2-person price is cheaper, consider treating yourself to some breathing room.
What are check-in/check-out times? Check-in 3PM.
Check-out 11AM.
How do I make sure
that I have two beds in my room?
When booking a room, write "2 beds" in the notes and requests section.
If I use a debit card,
will some of my money be tied up?
The hotel reserves an extra $50/night for incidentals at the time of check-in. If you reserve your room using a debit card, this reservation will reduce your available balance. This reservation may take as many as 10 days to be returned to your account; your bank sets the timeframe.
As with most hotels, reserving your room with a credit card usually avoids this inconvenience.
Also, a trick: this reservation money can be used for food at most on-site restaurants.
Can I bring a pet with me? Yes! The GSR is a pet-friendly hotel. Extra charge of $30/night + 13% tax applies.
If you want to book a room for you and a pet, you must book by phone.
How many rooms are available at the GSR? There are nearly 2,000 hotel guest rooms are available, ranging from 420 to 922 square feet.
Does the hotel expect to sell out before March 28th? Yes. Staff recommends that you reserve your room as soon as possible. Like most hotels, only a credit card is needed to reserve a room. If you cancel with at least 48 hours to spare, your one-night deposit will be refunded.
What if we have large groups that wish to room together? The 3rd and 4th person in the room are an extra $10/night. Many rooms offer connectors to accommodate large groups. Book your room by phone if you want to request connecting rooms.
What kind of amenities
are provided for the guest rooms?
  • Premium channels and pay-per-view movies
  • Triple Sheet Bedding
  • King or 2 queen beds
  • 24-hour room service
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron with ironing board
  • Spectacular views of the surrounding Reno area
I have luggage! Hotel policy states that luggage carts may only be used by hotel staff. Please keep in mind that carts will not be available for you to bring your own luggage to your room. Should you desire, hotel staff will happily deliver your luggage to your room, but fees may apply. If you choose to port your own luggage, please do so from the self-parking areas; do not leave your car unattended in valet parking while moving your luggage.
May I pay for my hotel room upfront? Yes, you can call the hotel to pre-pay for your room should you desire to do so.