The Grand.

The Grand Sierra Resort and Casino is your destination for a wonderful convention experience. Come stay in the luxurious rooms and enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding beautiful mountains.

BLFC is probably the one con I can confidently say WILL NEVER HAVE PARKING PROBLEMS.



Booking is not yet available.


Noisy Block.

The "Noisy block" will be available again this year, with the goal of providing a space where noise is more tolerable. It is still not a guarantee against noise complaints, it just reduces the chances.

To help the noisy block succeed, we also need volunteers to be in a "buffer block" around it. Buffer block volunteers are people who can sleep through noisy neighbors, but don't make much noise themselves. They protect our noisy block from the rest of the hotel, and are vital to making the noisy block a reality.

The number of noisy block rooms made available will depend on the number of buffer block volunteers we get, so please volunteer to be in the buffer block!

To ask for a noisy block room, or to volunteer to be in a buffer room, do not ask the hotel directly; please request it in our registration system. "Noisy Block" assignments will be done in order of paid convention registrations, so the earlier you pay for pre-reg, the higher on the list your request will be.

Confirmation of "noisy block" status will come much later (only shortly before the convention).